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Callie vom Haus Miller

(Wanjo vom Duernachtal, BH x Raja vom Haus Miller)

Hi Steve/Connie,

We wanted to give you an update on how Saffy (Callie) is doing in Chicago. She is now well over 30 pounds and loves going to the park, playing with dogs, and eating treats. She is such a sweet dog, nice to people and dogs alike. We take her to obedience class where she learns quickly until she falls asleep. We can not imagine life without this little one! Thank you for letting us have the best dog in the world.

December 6, 2014



Uran vom Haus Miller

(Untox von der Freiheit Westerholt x Yetta vom Haus Miller)

Hi -

I just wanted to drop a quick note and let you know how Huey is doing.  He is an awesome dog!! He has blended into our home very well.  It took us a few weeks to train ourselves as to how to take care of him ... lol ... but now we are doing fine.  He received an A+ at his first vet check a few weeks ago.  He was a bit underweight so we are giving him a powder vitamin with his food twice a day.  He seems to be filling out better now.  They were unable to locate his chip, they scanned a few times all over but were not able to find it.  We will probably have it replaced here in Columbus at some point.  He said sometimes they do come out ... oh well no biggie.  I am amazed at how quickly he grows.  He is a beautiful dog and I know we love him for many years.

Thank you again

Lisa, Paul, Bailee and Brady
November 12, 2012



Rissy vom Haus Miller

(Untox von der Freiheit Westerholt x Yetta vom Haus Miller)

Hello Connie -

I am not very competent at sending emails with photo attachments (first time) so let me know if you get the two photos of Sasha.  Sasha has been a beautiful dog that receives many compliments.  She is great with all of the neighborhood children and everyone she meets.  I am fortunate that she is able to come to work with me at the Milwaukee Police Department Mounted Patrol Barn rather than staying at home alone during the day when the kids are in school.  I have been working tons of hours this summer.  Things are slowing down now and I plan on joining the German Shepherd Club in Big Bend, Wisconsin to work with Sasha.  She walks at my side without the leash on and obeys well.  She is very fit at fifty-six pounds.  She is a very much loved part of our family.  Thank you for a beautiful German Shepherd Dog.  One of these days we would love to stop by with Sasha and say "hello."

John Pederson
September 3, 2012



Ruby vom Haus Miller
(Untox von der Freiheit Westerholt x Yetta vom Haus Miller)

Here's a couple of pictures of Ruby after 4 weeks in our home.  She's fitting in nicely and getting along with our 5 year old GSD.  Both of her ears are staying up all the time.


Tom Janssens
November 28, 2011

"Bear" and "Gretchen
Decca and Deana vom Haus Miller

(Tim vom Bauhofer-Land x Julie von Tronje)

"We adore our two Shepherds that were bred by Steve Miller of Spring Green. They are wonderful family dogs with tons of personality. Both of them are great with our kids and all of their friends too.  We could not be happier with our choice of breeders."

Susan Schmitt
October 9, 2011


Rayne vom Haus Miller
Picture from September, 2011

Picture from Thanksgiving, 2011

Rayne vom Haus Miller
(Untox von der Freiheit Westerholt x Yetta vom Haus Miller)

Good morning Steve and Connie -

Just want to send a picture of your girl.  She is doing VERY well.  Almost sleeping through the night, and being a great addition to our family.

Thank you so much, and we will keep you posted on her progress.
Best regards,

Paul Glapinski
September 27, 2011

Quincy vom Haus Miller (Call name:  Henry)
Quincy vom Haus Miller

(Dillon vom Haus Miller x Lola vom Haus Miller)


Hi Steve & Connie

Just wanted to check in and tell you how things have been going with Henry. They have been great! We have him in puppy kindergarten and he is amazing. I have never had a dog who is so darn attentive with so many distractions going on. He plays great with all of the other dogs, and has made both Anna and I very proud (his favorite game during playtime is corralling all the pups together so they chase him). He's a very quick learner to boot. We take him everywhere with us, to work, to the cities if we go for the weekend, to the woods if we camp - and nothing seems to rattle him. He's not afraid of anything, and he is very respectful of other puppies that may be scared of him.

I wanted to get your opinion on  a few things: I have started to get interested in Schutzhund - it seems like a great way to keep Henry's mind and body healthy and happy. I'm a total newbie to the sport - have gleaned bits and pieces here and there from the internet - but am still pretty clueless where to start. There's tons of info out there. Would you give me your best judgement of Henry's potential, and maybe refer me to a club near Shell Lake that you put stock in? (I'm about 2 hours away from the cities).

Here's a picture from about 2 weeks ago: (I'll send more later today)

Aaron Brann
September 17, 2011




Dillon & Dolli vom Haus Miller
Dillon & Dolli vom Haus Miller


Dear Connie and Steve:

Mary and I want to thank you both for your friendship and the privilege of owning a beautiful German Shepherd Dog, Dolli.  I am sure she will do us all proud in the AKC conformation ring, the WDA conformation ring and in schutzhund not to mention the (hopefully) gorgeous pups she'll whelp!

I also want to thank you for letting me show Dillon and to take him as far as I can in the AKC.  He has the quality that should make him an American Champion.  Thank you for your trust and confidence.


Charles and Mary Lackovich
January 29, 2010



Auggie vom Haus Miller   Auggie vom Haus Miller
Barco vom Haus Miller

I just wanted to let the Miller’s know how much we enjoy and love our German Shepherd dog, that we purchased from you back in 2007!!  He is without a doubt the best Shepherd we have ever had and what a privilege it is to have him as a part of our family.  He is so intelligent and affectionate.   It almost feels at times he knows what were about to say before we say it!!!  Thank you for such an incredible friend.  Without people like you there would never be such great dogs.  Bob and I plan on purchasing another from you once we move to a larger (more private) area in Wisconsin.  I have attached a picture so you can see how beautiful he is too!!  Well thanks again & keep up the great work.

Donna Reichold
October 18, 2009

"Falon" Flash vom Haus Miller - Female Showline German Shepherd Dog   "Falon" Flash vom Haus Miller - Female Showline German Shepherd Dog
Flash vom Haus Miller

(Karat's Jambo x Nova vom Kuckucksland)


Sending puppy hugs from your sister Falon in Texas...

Niki and Connie, thought you would like to see me at 1 year old.  I've grown into a BIG girl and am sweet as a button.  I was going to send you surprise schutzhund videos of me working, but my stupid mom went off and forgot the camera this past weekend.  She promises she will send some soon.  I really like training and get to advance to sleeve training next session.  I LOVE anything that moves fast and I give that leather strap hell on my drive building exercises!  LOL I am also going in for my pennHip and OFA elbow prelims on Thursday.  Wish me luck!!!

Everyone tells my mom I have the most beautiful, expressive face and mom thinks so to!  And oh, I growl, too!!  VBG

Hope you had a great b-day.

Falon (Jambo/Nova-08)

Deidre Tompkins
May 17, 2009


Garrett "Hawk" vom Haus Miller - Showling German Shepherd Dog
Garrett vom Haus Miller

(Tim vom Bauhofer-Land x Julie von Tronje)

We are so happy that we went with Vom Haus Miller as our breeder.  When we went to visit our puppy we were able to play with many of the pups and that was important to see the socialization.  Both Connie and Steve took a great deal of time with us answering our questions.  We could also see the love they had for all of the dogs.  We are thrilled with Hawk.  He has become a member of the family already...Thank you again!!!! We are absolutely in love with him!!!!

David and Beth Brehm
February 18, 2009


Vera with David and Rebel
Vera vom Dreieck
(Diego vom Hoogen Gorden x Babsy vom Grauen Bar)

Steve and Connie,

Vera is three now.  We added a companion to the club.  She has the mothering instincts to keep our new Boxer in line.  His name is Rebel; she takes on the challenge of raising the pup as if it were her own.  She is more than we could have hoped for as a true addition to the family.  Thanks for connecting us with such a great dog.  I have attached a picture for your pleasure.

David White
Sauk City, Wisconsin
February 15, 2009

"Falon" with her Bling     "Falon" a/k/a Flash vom Haus Miller
Flash vom Haus Miller

(Karat's Jambo x Nova vom Kuckucksland)

Well, your little girl did you proud!  We made it all the way to the Best in Show puppy in show #4.  We didn't win, but what a thrill to do so well at our first outing.  Falon walked away with one Group 1, one Group 2 and two Group 3 placements.

This is a small show, but ideal for her first introduction.  Falon was judged by 3 Americans and 1 Canadian so she won her National and International Puppy Title by receiving 4 SG1 ratings.  All of them had very nice things to say about her!  LOL They seem to think she has great potential, and as an inexperienced handler, I leave something to be desired!  VBG But I'm learning.

Attached are a few pics.  I have had several people come up to me and tell me they think Falon's head is extraordinary and they say when they think of a German Shepherd head, Falon has just what they envision.  And several people approached me and told me this.  We also received very nice comments on her topline, but all the judges really, really loved her expression and her ear set.  They said she has perfect ears.  Her greatest weakness is probably her front feet.  She has those long toes and is pretty easty/westy.  I am working on learning to stack her better so it is not so obvious.  She is also getting a pretty long coat, but all four judges LOVED it and said it has really nice texture and pigment.  I love the thicker coats myself.

At 6 months, Falon is 58.5 lbs. and 23.5".  I will start health testing on her in late January when I have her OFA prelims and PennHip done as well as a cardiac and CERF.  I can't wait to see what Falon looks like at about age 2.  I think she will be a real beauty!

I will probably be starting Falon in agility in the spring as our fun activity.  She is a hoot!  Temperament wise, she is very friendly to people and other dogs.  She doesn't like big dogs running up on her, but once they get out of her face, she is sweet as can be and will play with everyone.  I am going to try again to hook up with a local Schutzhund club as I would love to see how she would do at that.  The first group I met with was too hard core and made it very clear they were not interested in showline dogs, so I am going to check into the club in Austin.  It's a pretty long drive from here, but maybe I can get some pointers on how to start training her properly.

Enjoy the pics and hope you have a wonderful holiday.

dd and the girls
Deidre Tompkins
December 6, 2008

Euros vom Haus Miller - Carlo vom Haus Ehrlich x Bora vom Heringsmoor   Euros vom Haus Miller - Carlo vom Haus Ehrlich x Bora vom Heringsmoor
Euros vom Haus Miller

(Carlo vom Haus Ehrlich x Bora vom Heringsmoor)

Hi Steve,

Bullet is doing great!  Tracking is very calm and methodical with very good focus.  He has very good ball and food drive, coupled with very good handler attention.  He's also doing well with the rag work.  He just finished teething so now we can start box work with him.  I have to tell you, brother, he is one SUPER NICE pup!!!  I hope you like the photos of him.  

That repeat breeding will be fantastic!  See you at the WUSV.

Richard Ramirez
September 28, 2008


Barro vom Haus Miller

(Condor vom Flens x Julie von Tronje)

 Hi Connie,

We got the papers, thank you! And we couldn't be happier with  our dog. The kids named him Charlie -- he's handsome and smart. We're constantly getting comments about him and are referring people your way. Charlie is great with our kids and is constantly playing around - he has a great sense of humor.  He's getting lots of socialization and one-on-one time since I'm home with my  kids this summer. It's been great and couldn't have been better timing for our  family.
We appreciate the contact. We will certainly send pictures soon!

Thanks, again.
August 6, 2008


Quinta vom Haus Miller
(Tim vom Bauhofer Land x Lady vom Haus Be-Gro)

Hi Steve and Connie!

I hope you are both doing well.  We just wanted to let you know that Quinta made the trip and is settling in just fine.  We absolutely adore her!  She was a regular pro at the airport and of course she charmed the American Airlines staff who had to inspect her and her crate.  She flew on the same plane with us and made the connection just fine.  

We got home early enough yesterday to enjoy the beautiful weather and before the end of the day we took her to Petsmart with us to get a couple of things.  While we were there we got more compliments on her beauty and temperament.  I even had referred one couple to your web site.  They said they have been looking for a GSD like her for a couple of years.  

Quinta adores Jacob and the feeling is mutual since he wanted her to sleep with him last night.  We can't get over how quickly she is adapting to our family and routine.  She is so high energy/drive but yet she is very mannerly in the house and eventually likes to lay at your feet!  We cannot thank you both enough for allowing this wonderful girl to come into our family .....

We really enjoyed watching the event on Saturday and it was such a pleasure to meet your both.  The added bonus was getting to see Tim work.  I can see why you are so high on him.  He is a rare dog, structurally correct and beautiful and with working ability and drive .....Thanks again and have a wonderful day!


Amber Gates
March 26, 2007



Vera vom Dreieck
(Diego vom Hoogen Gorden x Babsy vom Grauen Bar)

Steve and Connie,

I hope your weekend went well.  Vera has adapted to her new environment.  The cats, well lets say they have not come downstairs yet.  The house breaking is going ok.  She knows that it is wrong but she is not able to get our attention yet.  We are without a leash in the back yard.  We have met all the neighbors and have been a real star.  She fell asleep at one neighbor’s house late last evening during our short visit. The walks have been solid.  She understands the lead processes and walks like a trooper.  The fetch is good for eight to ten throws before she wants to find more activities.  I think it is the newness of the environment.

I am attaching a picture.  We have more but I want to keep in touch and send new information.  I would be interested in the classes you mentioned. ...

Take care and I will email soon.

David D. White
Madison, Wisconsin  


Connie and Steve,
I hope all is well.  I wanted to send additional pictures of Vera.  As I mentioned to Steve, in less than a week we were accident free in the house.  Eight hours at night for Vera has become the normal.  However, she does snore.  I am including newer photos.

David D. White
Madison, Wisconsin  


Risky "Lucy" vom Haus Miller - Female Working Line German Shepherd
Risky vom Haus Miller

(Boomer von der Aartalmühle x Biene vom Haus Glitzernstern)


Hi Steve and Connie -

Just wanted to touch base and send you a current picture of Risky (Lucy) out of Boomer/Biene and our Uno Bullinger daughter.  I cannot thank you enough for this gorgeous girl.  She has a rock solid temperament, nerves of steel, calm assertive grips and flashy obedience work.  In addition, she is such a sweetheart, sleeps on her back with a stuffed animal!!!  Gotta love this girl.  Solid, beautiful conformation - she gets prettier with each passing month.  When you said you would get us a "good one" you weren't kidding.  She will excel at therapy work and has an amazingly intelligent, intuitive and inquisitive personality.  Truly a joy to know and to be around.  Thank you again for this lovely girl.

Rose Barke and Dottie Renier


Rowdy "Rudy" vom Haus Miller - Male Working Line German Shepherd
Rowdy vom Haus Miller

(Boomer von der Aartalmühle x Biene vom Haus Glitzernstern)


Hi Connie and Steve:

We'd like to let you know how Rudy (Rowdy vom Haus Miller) is doing.

He's a fantastic boy with lots of prey drive and good interests in tracking.  At 12 months (he's 14 now) he was right at the middle of the weight chart at 76 pounds.  Folks compliment us all the time about how handsome he is.  I'm sometimes surprised at how athletic he is for his sturdy body.

He's a very loving, confident, mellow dog.  The strong and silent type.  Very family friendly.  I like his intense concentration and focus during obedience.  We've really just started getting busy with him at one year, but already we've done three classes of Agility, one of Obedience and I've started tracking.  I've also had him in my first Conformation class.  He excels at everything.  People think we've already taken the classes before.

When we have our other dogs in the yard and we bring out his toys he's so intense, focused and dominant.  He travels well in the car and gets along very well with our other dogs.  Recently we had a major car accident.  All our dogs being in crates were very safe.  The Highway Patrol was very impressed with Rudy patiently waiting in our wrecked car in his crate.

John, Karen, Paula & Stephanie
August 14, 2006


 Wonder "Parek" vom Haus Miller - Male Working Line German Shepherd Wonder "Parek" vom Haus Miller - Male Working Line German Shepherd
Wonder vom Haus Miller, RE, U-CD, UD, SchH3

(Boomer von der Aartalmühle x Sina von der Nord Kuste)

Hi Steve and Connie,
I just wanted to tell you again how delighted again I am with this little guy.  As you can see, his ears popped up the day after he got here, and he's already learned to sit and watch me for 15-20 seconds.  We started obedience class Wednesday, and last night he impressed the heck out of some neighbors with a very out-of-control 1 year old GSD.  Everyone is amazed at how friendly, fearless and good-looking he is.  Not to mention those huge paws....
Anita Gard
Jacksonville, FL 
March 31, 2006



Uzee "Jaeger" vom Haus Miller - Male Working Line German Shepherd
Uzee vom Haus Miller

(Diego vom Hoogen Gorden x Yoga vom Haus Miller)

Hi Steve and Connie:

Thought you guys might like to see some pics of Uzee (Mom calls him Jaeger).

He is an awesome little guy.  He is super smart and has a great temperament.  He is already barking for the rag/toy in bitework, shows tons of prey drive, but is also a great house dog.  I just adore this pup and my mom loves him to death! We couldn't thank you guys enough for this pup.

He is also beautiful.  He is about 60 lbs. already and we are keeping him thin.  He will be a big boy.  He has a huge head on him for his age.  Hope all is well with you guys!

Valerie Miller
March 6, 2006

Willy "Diogi" vom Haus Miller - Male Working Line German Shepherd
Willy vom Haus Miller

(Boomer von der Aartalmühle x Sina von der Nord Kuste)

Quick update Diogi is doing great and rode in the car like a champ he comes to work with me everyday and so far we have not had one mess on the floor....

February 25, 2006


Tarzan vom Haus Miller - Male Working Line German Shepherd   Tarzan vom Haus Miller - Male Working Line German Shepherd
Tarzan vom Haus Miller
(Diego vom Hoogen Gorden x Paula von Conneforde)

Hi Steve,

Tarzan is doing well and is growing nicely. He is teething right now and Rick said to tell you that he likes what he sees in him so far. I am attaching a couple of photos so that you can see we are feeding him ;-) and that he is quite a handsome dog (for a German Shepherd that is <lol>).


Beate and Rick Reiff

Risky vom Haus Miller - Female Working Line German Shepherd
Risky vom Haus Miller

(Boomer von der Aartalmühle x Biene vom Haus Glitzernstern)


Thanks for the information, will try to start getting out there ASAP.  I must tell you, Risky has grown to be a very "big" girl, pushing 80# at not quite 8 months, wow, she is a solid little lady, great temperament, also very solid.  I cannot seem to email pix but will try to mail some and also will update Pedigree Database.  I cannot thank you enough for the perfect pup, she really couldn't be a better dog for dual purpose, therapy, companion, obedience, schutzhund, etc.  We just love her, she is as sweet as she is protective, never "nervy" or shy.  Really a very nice breeding with Boomer and Biene, thanks for letting me have the only female.  Wishing you all well, noting your MANY pups!

Rose Barke

V Dragon, SchH3, KKL1 - Male Working Line German Shepherd imported by German Shepherds vom Haus Miller
V Dragon, SchH3, KKL1


       We just wanted to send you a picture and a note of Dragon.  We are extremely pleased to say the least!!!  We could not have found a better person to help us find a dog of Dragon's caliber, he is the BEST!!  Hope this finds you well.  


Marshall, Cheryl & Dragon




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