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Dillon vom Haus Miller Finishes the American Players Theatre Season
as Crab in Honor of the Memory of his Sire, Tim vom Bauhofer-Land

As many of you know, sadly Tim developed serious health problems over the last few months and he is no longer with us. Dillion (aka Crab) in Two Gentlemen of Verona has bravely taken over the role and has done very well finishing out the season at American Players Theatre in Spring Green, WI. The last performance is October 6th. We so wished Tim could have also made it to the final curtain call. I'm sure Tim is proud of his son fulfilling this very important role.

A Look at APT's Furriest Performer:  Tim the Dog
By Bess Donoghue | 3:22PM July 16th, 2013

(from the American Players Theatre's Website)

On the boards of American Players Theatre this summer is a special performer. He's furry, offers no dialogue, and walks on four legs, Meet Tim, an eleven-year-old German shepherd playing Crab in this season's The Two Gentlemen of Verona.

Tim is owned and trained by Steve and Connie Miller, and resides at the Spring Green Pet Resort. However, APT spoke with stage manager Becca Lindsey to get more information about this scene-stealing, adorable dog.

Steve Miller, Tim, and Steve Haggard, who plays Launce in the play's dynamic duo, began working together on day one of rehearsal. During their first session (or as Becca described it, "a blind date"), Steve H. and Tim spent time walking around the property, playing with the ball and simply hanging out. These bonding sessions continued for three weeks, interspersed with occasional training for scene work.

When it came time to prepare for the first performance, Steve and Tim had sessions at the kennel, sometimes accompanied by actors Eric Parks and Will Mobley who interact with the dog in the play too. Additionally, some sessions were held on property with director Tim Ocel.

During the performances, there is additional stage management to look after Tim, but Steve prefers to watch over him and guide the dog to his places backstage. Aside from when Steve takes ten-minute breaks, he is always spending time with Tim.

At APT, Tim is fed a plethora of treats, all provided by the Millers. However, Tim does not have dinner before the show, so as to avoid him thinking it's bedtime at show time.

When not performing, stage management has set up a veranda for Tim. With it comes a cooling mat, Tim's favorite ball, and water dishes.  While he relaxes there occasionally, during intermission most specifically, Tim spends most of his time backstage at Steve's side, walking around the paths, through APT's woods.

As the season continues, Tim still provides many "aww" moments and chuckles for APT's audiences. According to Becca, he is a joy to work with and the relationship between Steve and Tim as seen in the performance is as equally incredibly special offstage:

"Tim's been a delight to deal with, mainly because he and Steve Haggard are so bonded to one another that they really do take care of each other."

Way to go Tim!

Will Mobley, Steve Haggard and Tim (the dog) in American Players Theatre's production of
"The Two Gentlemen of Verona."

Haus Miller's own Tim vom Bauhofer-Land is featured in the 2013 American Players Theatre's production of "The Two Gentlemen of Verona."  Check the APT's schedule so you don't miss Tim's stage debut this summer.

By Mike Fischer, Special to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel published June 17, 2013

Spring Green — If one cuts through the nostalgic gauze surrounding late adolescence, most of us have scar tissue involving imperfectly healed memories of the friends we hurt and loves we lost while trying to figure out who we were and what we wanted.

While it's often staged as a light-hearted romp featuring two early Shakespearean clowns and a show-stealing dog, Shakespeare's "The Two Gentlemen of Verona" is all about these growing pains that are part of growing up.

In the new production of "Two Gents" on stage in American Players Theatre's Up-the-Hill amphitheater, director Tim Ocel finds the play's dark and dangerous side, while challenging us to take its characters seriously. The result is the smartest and most truthful of the four productions of "Two Gents" — including the 2003 staging by APT itself — I've now seen.

As the play begins, once-inseparable companions Proteus and Valentine are drifting apart; the swooning Proteus is now focused on Julia, while the adventurous Valentine leaves to seek his fortune in Milan. Once there, Valentine falls hard for Silvia, who is daughter to the Duke.

Both couples — Julia and Proteus as well as Silvia and Valentine — secretly become engaged.

Then things get messy.

Honoring his father's wishes, Proteus also goes to Milan. Quickly forgetting Julia, Proteus falls for Silvia, gets Valentine exiled by revealing Valentine's illicit love for Silvia, and then tries to rape Silvia after failing to seduce her. Putting friendship first, Valentine forgives Proteus — and then, without even asking Silvia, offers her to Proteus to seal the friends' reconciliation.

It's impossible to describe this game of musical chairs without making these characters sound ridiculous. But as Ocel and his cast demonstrate, all they really are is young and confused.

As the villain among this foursome, Marcus Truschinski plays Proteus as a dreamy but utterly sincere romantic. Inconstant and hurtful he may be. But we never doubt that he is trying to be true to himself. The prospect of betraying both his beloved and his best friend clearly weighs heavily on him, even as he convinces himself — and us — that for him there's no other choice.

Ditto the decision of Travis A. Knight's Valentine to offer his betrothed to Proteus. It's an outrageous, stupid and yet utterly unavoidable gesture — at least when seen from the vantage point of an inexperienced adolescent, who must choose between his new-found heartthrob and lifelong soul mate.

That doesn't mean all this male bonding sits well with the women, who consistently remind us of the price they inevitably pay so that the guys can keep hanging out together.

Susan Shunk's earnest Julia — first of Shakespeare's cross-dressing heroines — sketches the startled delight of a woman falling in love before plaintively registering the pain that same woman feels after being abandoned.

Abbey Siegworth's Silvia is a revelation. Ocel has envisioned her as the most strong-minded, principled and perceptive of the four lovers. That's what Siegworth delivers, preparing us for a memorably staged final scene reminding us that even when those we hurt agree to move on, it doesn't mean they'll also agree to forget.

Before I myself move on, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention strong performances by Kelsey Brennan (Lucetta), Steve Haggard (Launce), Will Mobley (Speed) and a German shepherd named Tim (Crab the dog), each very funny in milking the script's extensive stand-up comedy.

Making his APT debut, James Pickering proves anew that Shakespearean dukes are among his specialties. When he rages petulantly about his daughter's willfulness, what comes to mind is King Lear berating Cordelia. APT is way overdue for another staging of "Lear," and I can't imagine a better choice for the lead role.

Dillon vom Haus Miller
1st Place in the Untitled Male Class
2012 Midwestern Regional Conformation Show

Juli vom Haus Miller
1st Place in the Untitled Female Class
2012 Midwestern Regional Conformation Show

Raja vom Haus Miller
SG3 in the 12-18 month Youth Class
2012 Midwestern Regional Conformation Show



Dillon wins Winners Dog at the International Kennel Club of Chicago on February 27, 2011
Dillon vom Haus Miller wins Winners Dog
at the International Kennel Club of Chicago on February 27, 2011
Handled by:  Charles Lackovich


Connie Miller with Yetta vom Haus Miller, BH
Connie Miller and Yetta vom Haus Miller, BH

Spring Green resident and her canine receive title in SCHUTZHUND competition this past weekend
Connie Miller, and her three year old German Shepherd Yetta vom Haus Miller competed in Marengo, Illinois this past Saturday at the Prairie State Dog Club.  Their efforts resulted in the title of "Begleithund" (BH) rating for Yetta and an award trophy for Connie.  The competition was judged by internationally known SV Judge Willi Stieger.

Yetta is a full blooded German Shepherd female, who has resided in Spring Green at Miller's Spring Green Pet Resort since birth.  Miller, and her husband Steve, have trained numerous canine award recipients and have promoted Schutzhund dog training for decades, the past ten years at their Spring Green Pearl Road facility.  Schutzhund training promotes obedience and protection in addition to tracking.

* This article was written for the Hometown News by Dave Williams


2007 Chicago Schutzhund Verein Conformation Show on November 18, 2007
Connie Miller, Handler, with V-1 Nova vom Kuckucksland
(Owned by Russ Mohns and Steve Miller)
SV Hans-Peter Fetten

2007 North Central Regional Conformation Show Winners - Steve Miller and V-1 Tim vom Bauhofer-Land, SV Judge Wilhelm Nordsieck, and Bryon Vogel with V-1 Hanna vom Haus Miller

2007 North Central Regional Winners
Steve Miller with V-1 Tim vom Bauhofer-Land
SV Judge Wilhelm Nordsieck
Bryon Vogel with V-1 Hanna vom Haus Miller
(Hanna is the first V-Rated Dog Bred by vom Haus Miller)


Handler Connie Miller on the Podium at the 2007 Canadian Sieger Show with 3rd Place V-1 Nova vom Kuckucksland

V-1 Nova vom Kuckucksland
2007 Canadian Sieger Show
Handled by Connie Miller
Owned by Russ Mohns and Steve Miller
Judge:  SV Ernst Seifert



V-1 Nova vom Kuckucksland, SchH2, KKL1
(Handler:  Connie Miller)
Owned by Russ Mohns and Steve Miller

Regional Conformation Show held May 27-28, 2006
Judge:  SV Helmut König

Stateline Working Dog Association
Harvard, Illinois




V-1 Yukon vom Trompetersprung, SchH3, IPO3
(Handler:  Connie Miller)
Owned by Robert Steele

Regional Conformation Show held October 6-8, 2006
Judge:  SV Frank Goldlust

Burr Oak Hundesport
Long Grove, Illinois



Handler Connie Miller with V-1 Tim vom Bauhofer-Land

V-1 Tim vom Bauhofer-Land
(Handler:  Connie Miller)
Currently Owned by Steve Miller
Co-owned by Joe Barry

Regional Conformation Show held March 12-14, 2004
Judge:  SV Ernst Rückert

Carolina German Shepherd Working Dog Club
Statesville, North Carolina





Diego vom Hoogen Gorden, SchH3, KKL1 lbz.

Diego vom Hoogen Gorden, SchH3, KKL1 lbz.
(Steve Miller, Owner/Handler)

Diego was the 2002 North Central Regional Champion - 287 points
2004 KY-TN Regional Show - 285 points

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