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Steve Miller

Since I was a young boy, I have always loved to teach dogs.  I started training sled dogs when I was nine years old.  When I was twelve, I trained my first Collie, Duke, to pull me on my paper route.  During this time, I was also working with my father training Labradors, throwing birds and training dogs to be steady to wing and shot.  I trained and titled my first Field Champion Labrador when I was 23 years old.

In 1977, I was introduced to the Sport of Schutzhund and imported my first German Shepherd Dog. I attended numerous seminars and Schutzhund trials throughout the United States with German Teaching Judges. I joined the United Schutzhund Clubs of America in 1978 and started our club in Madison, Wisconsin in 1979. In 1983, I trained the Schutzhund 3 National Champion handler and dog team - Larry Caruso and Nitro - which was a dog Larry purchased from me as a puppy.


Schutzhund Training - Bark and Hold in the Blind     

I love to teach new serious people to win in the sport! For the past several years, I have traveled around the country giving seminars to various clubs or individual training groups on tracking, protection. obedience and working with helpers on decoy work.

I have imported some of the most important Conformation and Working Bloodlines to come to America and have a tremendous working relationship with some of the best kennels in Germany.


Some of my accomplishments include:

  • 2002 USA North Central Regional Championship with Diego v. Hoogen Gorden
  • 2001 WDA Universal Siegerin with Orna von der Burgmühle
  • 1998 Co-Captain and Alternate on the WDA team for the WUSV World Championship in Boston
  • 1997 FH Champion with Amigo v. Brinkeweg.  Amigo was many times 100 points in tracking in National Events
  • I have been on four World Teams representing the United States with my dog, Amigo
  • I am Founder and Training Director for Hauptstadt Schutzhund Verein
  • I have experience in training for Police K-9 work and have trained several street dogs in weapon work, body bites, muzzle work and multiple attacks
  • In 1987 I was picked to do the front half at the North American Championships
  • I have done several teaching seminars on all three phases in the Sport of Schutzhund
  • I have a comprehensive breeding program with some of the best bloodlines, to bring stronger nerves to the Conformation Lines and better conformation to the Working Lines
  • I have been to Germany several times to work with trainers and judges.  I attended World Championship Shows and visited some of Germany's best Working and Show Kennels
  • I train at a National level and will train others at the level at which they are comfortable, whether it be club, regional or national




Connie Miller with Tyson von Arminius - Conformation Show Handling

Connie Miller  

I have been a member of the United Schutzhund Clubs of America since 1986 and a member of the GSDCA-Working Dog Association since 1999.  I entered by first Conformation Show in 1992 and took V-2 in the 1992 USA Sieger Show in Provo, Utah.  In 1994 I became a Breed Warden and Tattooer for the North Central Region.  I have evaluated and tattooed numerous litters over the past several years.

I organized the GSDCA-WDA 2002 Sieger Show in Madison, Wisconsin - which was a huge success attended by people from all over the World. Other major events which I have been actively involved in organizing were the USA 2000 National Championships, 1997 North American Championships and 1994 USA National Championships, all of which were held in Madison, Wisconsin.


Connie Miller stacking a dog at the Sieger Show

I started conditioning and handling German Shepherd Dogs for the Conformation Ring seriously in 1997 and have handled some very important dogs in many shows including the WDA and USA Sieger Shows and several Regional and Club Shows.

I have been our Club Contact for over 17 years, Club President for 10 years and Club Treasurer.  Our club, Hauptstadt Schutzhund Verein, a/k/a O.G. Hauptstadt, is very active in putting on Schutzhund Trials, Regional Conformation Shows and Seminars every year, in addition to the major events that we do for the Region.


Connie Miller with Top Placing German Shepherd We register our litters with the AKC and the USA/SV and I attend to the paperwork to assure that the dogs that my husband imports, along with litters we produce, are registered properly with the appropriate organizations - AKC, WDA and/or USA.

"Dogs are like children in fur coats" 


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