"N" Litter vom Haus Miller
Working Line Litter Whelped May 24, 2010
4 Males - 4 Females
"Litter Sold"



    Xenia vom Barockschlößle - Black Female Working Line German Shepherd Dog 

Quincy von der Dellwiger Grenze, BH

Xenia vom Barockschlöße

Special thanks to The Clarksburg West Virginia Police Department and Police Chief Marshall Goff for allowing us to use Quincy to sire this litter.
Both Quincy and Xenia are here to be titled to SchH1 and Breed Surveyed.

5-4 on V Troll von der bösen Nachbarschaft
5-5 on V Askia vom Froschgraben


New Owners 
Heading to Our New Homes


"Nora" with her Owners, the Levins
(Pictured with Ryan)


"Neiko" with his Owners Michael and Nancy
from Iron Mountain, Michigan

"Nitro" with his Owners, Todd and Jackie


"Nala" with her Owners, the Freitags

"Nina" with her Owner, Jeanne

"Nikita" with her Owners, Sara and Marv


Puppies at 7 weeks


Black Collar Male - Nando
Black Collar Male


Dark Green Collar Male - Neiko
Dark Green Collar Male


Blue Collar Male - Nero
Blue Collar Male


Red Collar Male - Nitro
Red Collar Male


Orange Collar Female - Nala
Orange Collar Female


Lime Green Collar Female - Nikita
Lime Green Collar Female


Pink Collar Female - Nora
Pink Collar Female
Blue Collar Female - Nina
Blue Collar Female



Puppies at 3 weeks


Male Puppies

Female Puppies

Female Puppies

Male Puppies


Puppies at 3 days old

Xenia with her 3 day old puppies



Quincy von der Dellwiger Grenze SG Zorro vom Prielberg
SG Kim vom Hainpark
SchH3 (SG-BSP), IPO3
Quendy vom Prielberg
SchH3 (LGA)
Taiga vom Musikanten Hof
V Xato von der bösen Nachbarschaft
5xBSP, SchH3, IP3
SG Ninja von der Wilhelmseiche
Xenia vom Barockschlößle
Grando vom Weinbergblick
SchH3, IP2
SG Tim von der Abfuhr
SchH3 (LGA)
Carmen vom Haus Pixner
Enzi von der Altmurg
SchH3, FH1
V Fax vom Tor zum Sauerland
SchH3 (SG-LGA), FH1
Henny vom Koksbuckel
SchH3, IP3, FH2

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