SG Shooting Star Juergen, BH




Date of Birth:  June 10, 2013

Juergen is a 3 year old male with a BH and an SG-4 at the GSDCA Sieger Show in Dallas.
He is good with kids and adults. He is a little dog aggressive but is manageable.
Hip Evaluation is currently at OFA
- Price $4500 -

Will title to IPO1 for an additional $3500

Will get dog ready for show in November for a V rating for an additional $1500



V-Erik von Nordteich, IPO3 VA-Remo vom Fichtenschlag, SCH3 V-Ray vom Fichtenschlag, SchH3
V-Thora vom Fichtenschlag, SchH3
V-Tosca vom Nordteich, SchH3 V-Idol vom Holtkämper Hof, SchH3
V-Kelli vom Overledingerland, SchH1
SG-Ashley von Melanchthon, SchH2 VA-Parker von Melanchthon, SchH3 V-Ramon von Köttersbusch, SchH3
V-Demy von Melanchthon, SchH2
SG-Loga Feetback, SchH2 V-Yalk von Sendling, IPO1
V-Manta Nivalda, IPO3

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